Documentation com_wwebnoticeboard

Table of content

  1. Description
  2. Backend: column headers
  3. Backend: column filters
  4. Configuration
  5. Menu
  6. Frontend

  1. Description

    com_wwebnoticeboard is a Joomla 3.x component for a noticeboard with categories. A menulink to a category has these parameters: color text messageheader, backgroundcolor messageheader, show/hide emoticons. show/hide BB-codes, listlenght.

    The noticeboard is meant for logged-in users, but can also be used as public guestbook.

  2. Backend: column headers


    • Status - the status of the message published/unpublished
    • Title - the title of the message
    • Message - the text of the message
    • Category - the category of the message
    • Poster - the poster of the message, the name of the logged-in user who did the post. When a poster is not logged-in this field is empty.
    • IP - the IP-address of the poster of the message
    • Date added - the date when the message was added
    • ID - This is a unique identification number for this item assigned automatically by Joomla!. It is used to identify the item internally, and you cannot change this number. When creating a new item, this field displays 0 until you save the new entry, at which point a new ID is assigned to it.

  3. Backend: column filters

    These column sorting input fields shows the current method of sorting applied to the table. Use the drop down field choices and click the column heading name. Alternatively, click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value. This will also change the value in the drop field to correspond with the column header name. The list will then be sorted in order by that column and a sort icon(up or down arrow) will show next to the column name. Click a second time to reverse the sort, which will change the corresponding drop field.

    Ordering: (default). The column in which to sort displayed items in the table. The values are the same as the column heading names. Ascending (default). Shows ordering of selected column, ascending or descending. # (default is 20). Shows the number of items to display on one page, default is 20 items. If there are more items than this number, you can use the page navigation buttons located at the bottom of the table. (Start, Prev, Next, End, and page numbers) to navigate between pages.

  4. Options: configuration
    • Delete confirmation: enabled/disabled confirmation on a message deletion
    • Date format: fill up the PHP date format string

  5. Creating a menulink

    Once a category is created thru the backend, you can create a link to that category.
    These menu parameters can be set:

    • The category
    • Foregroundcolor of the message headers
    • Backgroundcolor of the message headers
    • Show/hide emoticons
    • Show/hide BB-codes
    • Listlength, the number of messages listed in one page

  6. Frontend

    Via the menu manager you can link to three different front-end views:

    • The category view
    • The my messages view, a list of message posted by the logged-in user. In this view the user is able to delete his own message.
    • The latest message view, a list of the 10 latest posted messages